For future partners

Project handling

From 2020 onwards our main goal is the realisation of our Masterplan Uganda. Therefore we only welcome proposals for educational projects in Uganda. Please read this section below carefully before sending your request. This page will give you all the information you need about our project handling. It is an 8 step process.

  1. Contact
  2. Project-proposal
  3. Conformation
  4. Clarification
  5. Cooperation Agreement
  6. Fundraising
  7. Implementation
  8. Reporting

Step 1: Contact

Before you fill out the complete project proposal form (step 2) send an email to explaining briefly your project and an estimated budget (max. 30.000 euros). If EducAIDed is supporting too many projects at the same time we can decide not to follow up on the proposal at this time.

Step 2: Project-proposal form

Fill out the project-proposal form. Please read our general requirements below beforehand. From 2020 onwards EducAIDed will only support educational projects in Uganda. Do not ask for urgent funding! EducAIDed starts fundraising after a proposal is accepted and it can take more than one year before funds are available. The maximum amount EducAIDed contributes per project is 30.000 euros Only organizations registered as an NGO can apply for a grant. The ideas need to come from the community and the community needs to contribute to the project. Examples: bricks, labour, small fees.

EducAIDed cannot cover the running costs of a project. This means ongoing salaries and administration costs are excluded. Only administration and salary costs directly linked to the project can be covered within the project period. EducAIDed’s mission is, amongst others, to contribute to the quality of education in a holistic way. This means organizations need to also focus on life-skills and psycho-social well being besides their primary goal of education.

Sustainability is an important item for EducAIDed. The project needs to sustain itself after the funding period is finished.

Please send an email to for a project-proposal form.

Step 3: Confirmation

We will send you a confirmation (proposal received) within five days.

Step 4: Clarification of the project

The proposal will be discussed by the board of EducAIDed. Within six weeks we will contact you, quite often with additional questions to clarify your proposal. Depending on how fast the answers will come back to EducAIDed this process can take up to three months. After this period EducAIDed will make a final decision whether or not to support the project.

Step 5: Project Cooperation Agreement

When funds are available a Project Cooperation Agreement (PCA) is made and signed. EducAIDed works with payment terms. The project budget will be split in phases and the money will be transferred in the agreed terms. Click here for an example of a PCA.

Step 6: Fundraising

When a project is accepted, fundraising activities will start. EducAIDed raises funds by organizing activities, applying for government grants, fundraising with individuals and applying for funds at other organizations.

Step 7: Implementation

After the PCA is signed, EducAIDed will transfer the first term. After every term EducAIDed needs a copy of receipts and a narrative and financial report. Click here for our format of the financial and narrative report (will follow soon). In consultation other formats can be used. However, for this permission from EducAIDed is needed. EducAIDed transfers only 90% of the total budget.

Step 8: Reporting

After the last term, the final financial and narrative reports need the be handed in within three months. At this stage all original receipts should be handed in as well within three months after the project is finished. The last 10% will be transferred within six weeks after the complete project is reported.

During or at the end of the project, board members of EducAIDed might visit the project for monitoring and evaluation purposes.