Bericht uit Kenia

20 februari 2017

Graag delen we met jullie een update van onze partnerorganisatie in Kenia.

Thank you for the email and we are happy to say that we have started upon return on the classroom block. As for the collapsed buildings (red. in eerdere mail werd gesproken over ingestorte gebouwen), no they did not collaps at Tamalaki, only the container that was on pillars washed off by the water and landed on the ground in a very difficult position but we have rescued it. Some buildings in Nairobi collapsed but ours are strong and did well. The road got washed and bridge we had made on Tamalaki over the river… But all that is restored again.

We have children in school, At the moment we are clocking 200. The dormitories are ready but we open now on January as this is the last term of the school year and children often do not change. 

We see that more children go to school. In the community at least the ECD has really opened up education opportunities for young children including many girls. This has been a great step ahead. Before they had not place to go but now we have them even from 3,5 years of age. As a result, the other primary, 5 KM away also opened an ECD section. So we definitely have created increased access to education. 

The quality of education has also improved, Montessori teaching and computer classes are helping to improve skills. The Management is very dedicated to improve more and more and puts in resources and more training for teachers to keep on improving. From next year we hope to get a volunteer retired couple at Tamalaki from the USA. She is a retired teacher and we expect she will have much to share with our teachers to mentor them. The expectation is that they come for a minimum of one year. 

There are also plans to put up a small vocational unit where the children can learn skills as well which gives them an advantage. The curriculum in Kenya is changing to a junior high school and senior high school system and that would fit in greatly. so, in other words, the school grows, the parents are happy, more children have access to education and the 200 that are in now are all from around. We continue to work hard to give the children our best. 

Let me send you some pictures of the children!

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